Not just Prepaid, 
Verizon Prepaid.

No annual contract. 
America’s best network.

Verizon Prepaid, the smarter prepaid.

Getting America’s best 4G LTE network is smart. Getting it with no annual contract is even smarter.
Now, save $5/mo per line with Auto Pay.

Choose a monthly plan for smartphones, tablets and Jetpacks.

Smartphone plans include Unlimited Talk & Text from within the US and Unlimited Text to more than
200 international destinations.
Mix and match any of these plans to create a Family Account and save up to $20/mo per line on lines 2–10.

2 Lines - $60/mo.

3 Lines - $85/mo.

4 Lines - $110/mo.

Mobile Hot Spot

Save $10 on lines 2 - 10

2 Lines - $75/mo.

3 Lines - $105/mo.

4 Lines - $135/mo.

Mobile Hot Spot

Unlimited Calling to

Mexico and Canada

Save $15 on lines 2 - 10

2 Lines - $110/mo.

3 Lines - $155/mo.

4 Lines - $200/mo.

Unlimited Calling to

Mexico & Canada

Save $20 on lines 2 - 10



3 GB high-speed data

$40 without auto pay.



8 GB high-speed data

$50 without auto pay.



Unlimited high-speed data

$70 without auto pay.

Also available, our $30/mo Unlimited Talk & Text plan with 500 MB

  1. Auto Pay discount not available on $30 500 MB plan.

  2. Visit for a list of international destinations.

  3. Discount of $20 per month applies to Unlimited plan when added as the 2nd through 10th lines on a Family Account.

  4. DVD-quality streaming (up to 480p). In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.

  5. Once high-speed data is used (including Mobile Hotspot), you will have 2G speeds the remainder of the month. Your data experience and functionality of some data applications such as streaming video or audio may be impacted unless you purchase additional data.

  6. Data usage may apply to app download/use.

  7. Use the My Verizon app to determine if your device is eligible for TravelPass. For a list of eligible devices, visit Up to 4G data speeds apply for the first 500 MB/day with 2G reduced speeds thereafter. If more than 50% of your talk, text or data usage in a 60-day period is in Canada or Mexico, use of those services in those countries may be removed or limited.

  8. Up to $35 activation fee, other charges and restrictions may apply. Payments to your account are subject to applicable taxes and E911 fees. Domestic Roaming is 20¢ per minute. Refill balances expire in 30 – 365 days, depending on amount purchased. All calling plans support Voice Mail, Calling Features and International Services. For additional details, visit